On this page you will find material that you can use in your communication activities about the #LifelongLearning campaign. Please make sure that your communication activities are in line with the guidelines of the campaign team.

Press releases

The #LifelongLearning campaign was launched on 3 September 2019 by digitalswitzerland and the Swiss employers association (SAV). Find out more about the objectives, content and partners of the campaign in the press release dated 3 September 2019. The press release is available in all national languages and may be used by partners of the campaign (e.g. sharing via social media, citing the message in a publication, etc.).

Pressemitteilung zur Lancierung der Kampagne
Communiqué de presse sur le lancement de la campagne
Comunicato stampa sul lancio della campagna
Press release about the campaign launch
#LifelongLearning Pledge

Visuals and Logos

Here you can access the campaign logos as well as visuals that can be used for your social media posts or newsletters, for example. The campaign logo is available in all national languages. The visuals are marked with the campaign logo; thus different language versions of the visuals are also available.


Here are a few examples of how a social media post or newsletter could be structured. These and other examples can also be found in the campaign’s detailed manual on communication measures.

Handbuch auf Deutsch Handbook in English

Campaign team guidelines

If you are not already in direct contact with the campaign team and have learned more about the guidelines in this way, you can watch the following presentation with concrete examples of communication measures and instructions. The presentation is available in German and English.

The most important facts in brief:

Handbuch auf Deutsch Handbook in English


For any enquiries please contact the campaign team using our contact form.