Why do we need a pledge?

The commitment of employers to further training in Switzerland is an important success factor in enabling lifelong learning for employees. The Pledge is a promise by companies in Switzerland to make an effective and sustainable commitment to lifelong learning.

Recent studies show that by 2022 more than half of the Swiss workforce will have a significant need for retraining and further training. This is due, among other things, to ongoing digitalization and automation and to the country’s demographic development.

In order to cope with these changes, Swiss economic players will have to take additional measures to achieve an appropriate match between the supply and demand for skilled labour, which is crucial to ensure a strong economy, low unemployment rates and sustainable economic growth.

The various demands of everyday life can be a challenge for employees if they aim for lifelong learning. This makes it all the more important that employers are committed to providing employees with the most motivating environment possible in which they can train and develop their skills. This is exactly what the Pledge is about.

Does your organisation want to support the pledge?

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What does the Pledge involve?

The signatories of the Pledge call for a change in the current situation based on the following common principles:


The challenges of the digital future can only be successfully met through lifelong learning and learning how to learn.


All gainfully employed people in Switzerland should have the opportunity to enhance their existing skills with digital skills by continuing their education or acquiring entirely new skills in order to remain competitive in the increasingly digitalized labour market.

Jetzt Ko-Finanzierung Ihrer Weiterbildung beantragen

Per Online-Formular bis am 31. Mai 2020 eine Ko-Finanzierung von bis zu CHF 1’000.- beantragen für das Aneignen von digitalen Fähigkeiten. Mehr zu den Teilnahmebedingungen finden Sie hier.

The promise

In particular, the signatories of the Pledge commit to the following points:

Digital mindset

We commit to promoting a true digital mindset, to leading by example and to valuing learning and experience in the workplace.

Short educational paths

We undertake to recognise shorter education pathways, courses and other forms of learning for the acquisition of specific digital skills.

Re- and Upskilling

We are committed to providing re- and up-skilling programmes to our employees, regardless of their education, age, seniority, or career prospects, to ensure their digital literacy and career progression.

Promote innovation

We are committed to fostering innovation resulting from changes in skills within our companies.

Pledge supporters

The following organisations have signed the Pledge and are committed to lifelong learning. We thank all supporters of the Pledge for their commitment.

If you and your organisation would like to sign the Pledge, please contact us using the contact form.


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unterstützen den Pledge!

About the initiators

The Pledge was developed by a specialised working group of digitalswitzerland members on the third national Digital Day (3 September 2019) together with the #LifelongLearning campaign. The initiators would like to thank all the partners who have contributed to the development of the Pledge and all the companies who have sent a strong signal by signing the Pledge.

If you and your organization would like to sign the Pledge, please contact us via the contact form.