ICT Career Starters for students & graduates in Switzerland

Choosing to start our career in an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) traineeship, will provide you an opportunity to gain practical experience and learn essential skills related to the field of technology. You will be at the forefront when it comes to digital transformation with a wide variety of opportunities and learnings in the different trainee programmes. Many ICT traineeships are also open for students with a non ICT-background.

Why choose a career in ICT

Choosing to start your career in ICT (Information and Communications Technology) can offer various advantages and opportunities for your future. Here are some of the main reasons why joining an ICT traineeship is the ideal start to your work-life after graduating.

Six important reasons to Move to ICT

1. Job Opportunities

The ICT industry is continuously growing and evolving with a high demand for skilled professionals.

2. Innovation and Creativity

Working in ICT allows you to be part of cutting-edge projects and contribute to shaping our future.

3. Digital Transformation

Organizations are undergoing digital transformations to stay competitive. Skilled ICT professionals play a crucial role in helping businesses adapt to new technologies and improve their efficiency.

5. Transferable Skills

ICT positions require and foster various transferable skills relevant in a 21st century working world such as: Technical Understanding and Interest, Teamwork, Communication Skills, Analytical Skills, Problem-Solving Skills, Project Management.

6. Technical Understanding & Interest

It encompasses a broad range of areas such as computer hardware, software, networking, cybersecurity, data management, and emerging technologies. Those with a strong technical understanding and interest in ICT possess the knowledge and curiosity to explore, innovate, and contribute to advancements in the digital world.

Companies offering Career Starters for students&graduates

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